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Pete and Gulu 的甜品店開張了!他們準備了不同口味、不同款式的甜品,要和小朋友分享,更和大家玩遊戲!這個遊戲有五種玩法,訓練小朋友的認知、反應、記憶力、邏輯推理及建構力! 五種甜品 X 五種口味 X 五種玩法 X 五種訓練,小朋友兩歲就可以開始玩,從小享受桌遊的樂趣!


Today is the opening of the PETE and GULU Cafe! There are varies o dessert with different tastes and you can find your favourite here. Now PETE and GULU would like to invite kids to play games with their special desserts. Parents are welcome to play together and share the happiness!


Age// 3+

No of player// 2-4

Sweet Five

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