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玩家人數:2-6 人
遊戲時間:約 15 分鐘

產品尺寸:160 x 80 x 34 mm

卡牌尺寸:44 x 68 mm / 63 x 88 mm 



插畫設計:Toby Yeung

勇者抗惡龍 | Slime Frontier

  • Once upon a time, there was a peaceful Elf Valley, containing treasurable power stones. Stones were protected by Elfs and they hid the Valley in mist as protection. However, the Valley was found by Devil Dragons and they invaded to plunder! Team up Slime hero! Call the Elfs and fight!

    Cardgame with simple rule and tiny strategy. Good choice for family to have a great time.

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