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*** Will be First Launched in July at Windsor House ***


A thrilling board game that raises awareness of global warming and environmental issues. Players take on the role of commanders, strategically managing resources, recruiting troops, and facing disaster challenges. With simple rules and fast-paced gameplay,

Arctic Party offers a fun and competitive experience while teaching players about environmental concerns. Join the battle, seize resources, and make wise decisions in a resource-constrained world. Experience the fusion of entertainment and education in this game that sparks awareness of global warming and the importance of environmental stewardship.


Number of players: 2-6 players
Age suitability: 8+
Game duration: Approximately 20 minutes

Product dimensions: 150 x 100 x 36 mm

Card dimensions: 63 x 88 mm / 44 x 67 mm

Game Creation: BJ Games
Game Production: Jiuga Games
Special Thanks to: Mr. Joseph Lau


*** 產品將在七月於皇室堡首發 ***


Arctic Party 由 BJ Games 精心打造,旨在提高對全球暖化和環保問題的關注。玩家扮演指揮官,策略管理資源、招募部隊,面對各種災難挑戰。遊戲規則簡單,節奏快速,讓你輕鬆享受激烈的對戰樂趣。在這個有限資源的世界中,搶奪資源,明智决策。融合娛樂與教育,體驗 Arctic Party 帶來的遊戲魅力,喚起對全球暖化和環保的關注。

玩家人數:2-6 人
遊戲時間:約 20 分鐘
產品尺寸:150 x 100 x 36 mm
卡牌尺寸:63 x 88 mm / 44 x 67 mm

遊戲創作: BJ Games
遊戲製作:Jiuga Games
鳴謝: Mr. Joseph Lau

Arctic Party | BJ Games

  • BJ GAMES is an exciting new brand co-developed with JIUGA GAMES. Our mission is to invite young players to actively participate in the development of board games. Led by the talented young individual Joseph Lau, affectionately known as BJ, we aim to create engaging and innovative games that resonate with our young audience. Stay tuned for the amazing ideas and creativity that BJ GAMES will bring to the world of board gaming.

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